30 Nice CG Posters From SeventhStreet

SeventhStreet is a graphic design company who employ some of the most talented graphic designers & digital artists to make high quality CG – computer graphics. My first impression after seeing their website is very impressed. They often combine 2D elements with 3D elements in most of their works. I makes their works looks vivid & fresh. Below is a few introduction word from SeventhStreet website:

Over 17 years of specializing in retouching and design has taught us that the best work comes through collaboration. Sure, we employ some of the industry’s most talented and accomplished digital artists, but we don’t rely on talent alone. We listen. We offer advice. We’re also happy to help wherever and whenever we can – from concept to finish and anywhere in between. And whether we’re retouching photography to match your creative vision or helping you develop a complex image from photos, CG elements and digital illustration, we’ll make sure you’re as happy with the process as you’ll be with the finished product. We hope you’ll be impressed with what you see here, but we also hope you’ll do more than just look. Download some images for your desktop. Enter our monthly contest. But above all, join the conversation, tell us what you think, and get creative with us.


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