Sexiest Cars Of 2010

Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid– A Charm to look at, this open two-seater plug in hybrid sports car has a fluid cooled lithium ion battery that gives it the perfect charge.  This sly Spyder is often called the predator of the road and it exhibits a modern slipstream carbon fiber design that races from 0-100 Kmph in no more than 3.2 seconds. Although it has a top speed of almost 320 Kmph its fuel efficiency is not compromised and it can give up to 35 Km per liter. This amounts to 70 grams CO2 per Km which is considered an excellent achievement for a beast which runs on a powerful V8 engine that roars once it’s on the street.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta– the Italians do more than bake bread and the perfect example of their achievements in the field of automobiles is the Giulietta. This aerodynamic hatchback with five doors has the requisite dynamic features to show both comfort and aggression. Second only to their pizzas and spaghetti, this car’s base model runs on a 1.4 liter multi-air turbocharged gas engine and the higher cloverleaf model performs its best on a 235 horse power 1.75 liter turbocharged gas engine.

Mercedes F800 Style– the F800 shows a clearly mature and responsible design as it sees Mercedes in the form of a spacious five-seater sedan which has a more futuristic approach to the car’s external styling and also in its approach to the environment. Its plug in hybrid gives almost over 400 bhp of raw power and this in combination with the fuel cells system and the electric drive offer a very good drive and reach speeds of over 375 Kmph. A 300hp direct injection V6 gas engine and a 109hp hybrid module allow the car to function perfectly with and without fuel and also allowing it to run close to 18 miles on pure electricity. That by any standards is an achievement.

Audi A1– How many of you fell in love with the Audi in the movie ‘The Transporter’? The brand new Audi A1 will have you crave for one of your own. A single look at it is enough to get your jaws to drop.  With an exterior style that can be compared to the likes of Mini Cooper, this car provides both a front wheel and back wheel drive mechanism options. The tax issues imposed on Audi make it almost impossible for it to appear on the US markets till 2015 but its features are well worth the wait. It comes in four doors as well as in two doors. A fully customized interior and LED and xenon lights make this car a pleasure to behold.

Ferrari 599 HY KERS– another Italian makes the top as Ferrari gives the world one more beauty. This stallion comes with a green makeover and features Ferrari’s latest regenerative braking technology integrated into seven dual clutch transmission and installed right below the centre of gravity of the car. The car’s already powerful V12 engine is further enhanced by the 100horse power that is added by the KERS system which weighs almost 40 Kilograms. Apart from these features it can even drive on pure electricity which is suitable for city drivers.

Lotus Evora– No motor show is complete without Lotus displaying its precision engineering. This year Lotus has a 1382 Kilogram 3.5 liter V6 mid-engine sports car that speeds from 0-100 in only 5.1 seconds. Apart from offering a top speed of 231kmph this lightweight sports car consumes only 8.7 liter of fuel for every 100 km travelled with a carbon emission of less than 205 g per km of CO2. A rear diffuser and a spoiler and installed to use aerodynamics tricks to keep the car stable at high speeds. Since it uses Bilstein shocks and Eibach springs it should flow about smoothly. The sense of having a good interior is not lost on Lotus as they cushion Evora’s interior with air conditioning, tire pressure monitoring system, a remote garage door opener and leather seating. An alpine audio system with provisions for iPod and Bluetooth connectivity are some of the other features used in this car.


One thought on “Sexiest Cars Of 2010

  1. There are some amazing cars in that list, but as an Alfa owner, I have to say the Giulietta is my sexiest car of 2010. It radiates Italian style and looks elegant inside and outside!

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