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Audi Shark – The Flying Car of the Future

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Winner of the World Auto Design Contest 2009, the Italian competition Domus Academy which awards the most innovative in the automotive scene, the Audi Shark promises to be one of the most exciting cars of the future .


The designer Karim Doku inspired by motorcycles and airplanes to create a 3D model of a futuristic car that has no wheels and is capable of flying. Reinterpretation of the language Audi born a vehicle that lives up to its name. Their sharp edges, its structure, the matte finish and very gray make it resemble a shark, and Audi Shark aspires to be so on the road.


In subsequent appendages that look like a tail and looks that complement the environment while ensuring speed and stability, has other interesting features. Recalling his inspirations, the door not only differs from a plane that wraps itself around the cockpit and the two places where this unusual sports car put passengers in a very comfortable position.
It features underwater allied himself with a modern aesthetic where either the headlights or the rear, are composed of LED units mounted on plastic tubes. The end result is plain: a conceptual vehicle similar to a flying submarine.


In the vision of its creator would be a means of transporting high-power and advanced technology, able to overcome the limitations of ordinary cars, offering passengers “strong feelings and high security.”

This is a great example of futurism is not far from reality, which may one day reduce the risk of road accidents while providing a unique feeling of flying.


Embrio-one wheeled Motorcycle

The EMBRIO Advanced Concept is a one-wheeled recreational and commuting vehicle for the year 2025, designed by the Canadian company Bombardier Recreational Products. Although the riding position is similar to that of a motorcycle, the vehicle uses sensors and gyroscopes to balance up to two passengers on a large single wheel whilst driving. Specifications and pictures of this weird motorcycle are showed below:

one wheeled motorcycle pictures


MODEL NAME: EMBRIO Advanced Concept
DEVELOPED BY:Bombardier Recreational Products
STATUS: Concept
YEAR: 2003
DRIVE SYSTEM: Fuel cell electric
FUEL: Hydrogen
LENGTH: 1,240 mm (48.8 in)
WIDTH: 700 mm (27.5 in)
HEIGHT: 1,200 mm (47.5 in)
WEIGHT: 164 kg (360 lbs)

one wheeled motorcycle pictures

one wheeled motorcycle pictures

Although the vehicle will also remain stable when motionless, with two small front wheels deployed at speeds below 20 kilometres per hour (12.5 mph). To move forward, the rider activates a trigger on the left handlebar. At a speed of 20 kilometres per hour (12.5 mph) the front wheels or “landing gear” retracts so the rider is balancing on the large single wheel. To turn the rider leans to the left or right. The brake is activated by a trigger on the right handlebar. Fuel cells running on hydrogen provide electricity for the electric motor which drives the single wheel.